genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Kansas, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 38.498182, Longitude: -98.319925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ada  Abt. 1864Kansas, United States I17558561399 Master Tree 
2 Ada F  Abt. 1885Kansas, United States I8779328697 Master Tree 
3 Earl Milton Hudgins  29 Dec 1896Kansas, United States I8779324753 Master Tree 
4 Ethel  Abt. 1886Kansas, United States I17558569539 Master Tree 
5 Ethel  1895/1896Kansas, United States I8667772246 Master Tree 
6 Ethel L  Abt. 1897Kansas, United States I17558570058 Master Tree 
7 Gladys  1883/1884Kansas, United States I8667773204 Master Tree 
8 Jeanette  Abt. 1898Kansas, United States I17558570065 Master Tree 
9 Mary  1883/1884Kansas, United States I8667773195 Master Tree 
10 Beal, Viola Fern   I8667772662 Master Tree 
11 Bock, Frank Luther  30 Sep 1881Kansas, United States I17558568959 Master Tree 
12 Boring, Helen  23 Sep 1923Kansas, United States I8779324892 Master Tree 
13 Boring, James  29 Nov 1924Kansas, United States I8779324893 Master Tree 
14 Denton, Phyllis Elizabeth  15 Oct 1920Kansas, United States I17558571151 Master Tree 
15 Durment, Peggy Louise  26 Aug 1926Kansas, United States I17558568747 Master Tree 
16 Elliot, Della L  Kansas, United States I17558560255 Master Tree 
17 Gilbert, William Alfred  Dec 1885Kansas, United States I8779328752 Master Tree 
18 Glosser, Woodrow William  8 Jul 1913Kansas, United States I8779193183 Master Tree 
19 Gregory, Waylan C.   I8779193180 Master Tree 
20 King, Lloyd B  Jun 1896Kansas, United States I17558572842 Master Tree 
21 King, Paul I  Nov 1898Kansas, United States I17558572843 Master Tree 
22 Laingor, Alvin C  Abt. 1884Kansas, United States I17558561403 Master Tree 
23 Lawson, Louis Robert  1874/1875Kansas, United States I8667772679 Master Tree 
24 Lighthall, Eunice Irean  Feb 1876Kansas, United States I17558572841 Master Tree 
25 Lockwood, Eva B  Abt. 1875Kansas, United States I5658668823 Master Tree 
26 Lockwood, Minnie B  Abt. 1876Kansas, United States I5658668824 Master Tree 
27 Lohman, Francis   I8667772653 Master Tree 
28 Mathias, Ada E.  Jun 1877Kansas, United States I8667772642 Master Tree 
29 Mathias, Albert R.   I8667773207 Master Tree 
30 Mathias, Alfred   I8667773199 Master Tree 
31 Mathias, Alice Leaona  Jul 1880Kansas, United States I8667773201 Master Tree 
32 Mathias, Blanche  Jan 1881Kansas, United States I8667773431 Master Tree 
33 Mathias, Blanchie   I8667773206 Master Tree 
34 Mathias, Curtis L.   I8667772666 Master Tree 
35 Mathias, Dama  1898Kansas, United States I8667772651 Master Tree 
36 Mathias, David L.  Apr 1879Kansas, United States I8667772643 Master Tree 
37 Mathias, Edd E.  1871/1873Kansas, United States I8667772630 Master Tree 
38 Mathias, Edyth   I8667773197 Master Tree 
39 Mathias, Ethel  Jan 1882Kansas, United States I8667773202 Master Tree 
40 Mathias, John   I8667773196 Master Tree 
41 Mathias, John D.  Dec 1883Kansas, United States I8667773203 Master Tree 
42 Mathias, Louetta ?   I8667772664 Master Tree 
43 Mathias, Martha   I8667772665 Master Tree 
44 Mathias, Mildred   I8667773200 Master Tree 
45 Mathias, Orvell Kenneth  20 Nov 1892Kansas, United States I8667772683 Master Tree 
46 Mathias, Pearl  23 Jul 1902Kansas, United States I8667772652 Master Tree 
47 Mathias, Robert   I8667773205 Master Tree 
48 Mathias, Ruth   I8667773198 Master Tree 
49 Mathias, Theodore G.  1873Kansas, United States I8667772648 Master Tree 
50 McDonald, Lucia  Abt. 1875Kansas, United States I17558570951 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alward, Margaret Janette  6 Jun 1914Kansas, United States I8667772475 Master Tree 
2 Hall, John Edward  31 Dec 1926Kansas, United States I1122067030 Master Tree 
3 Mathias, Edward P.  15 Feb 1950Kansas, United States I8667772644 Master Tree 
4 Mathias, Frank B.  9 Sep 1966Kansas, United States I8667772645 Master Tree 
5 Metcalf, Logan Lee  Jul 1984Kansas, United States I8667772908 Master Tree 
6 Snider, Eliza  07 May 1918Kansas, United States I17558560042 Master Tree 
7 Sweeney, Oral Thelma  13 Jul 1995Kansas, United States I8667772907 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Swann / Wallace  25 Oct 1930Kansas, United States F8026689595 Master Tree